Success Stories

profileDavid A. Wyrick

MSEM Ph.D., P.E. Professor and Bryan Pearce Bagley Regents Chair of Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering, Texas Tech University

Like most of my classmates, I was working full-time and took classes at night, usually two per semester. I was able to take what I learned and put it to use right away the next day. The information helped me become a much more effective and efficient professional, and it still is relevant decades later. The self-discipline I gained from attending classes at UAA and doing hours of homework each week while working 40-50 hours at ARCO helped me pursue many challenging goals in my life and career. I firmly believe that much of my success has been greatly facilitated by the strong foundation of the MSEM at UAA."

profileOzgur Altiok

PMP, MSEM 2008 Project Engineer, CH2MHILL

“The ESM program helped me to gain the correct perspective in my profession to advance my career. Along with rich course content, the positive attitude of the instructors has been my greatest guide to gain this perspective. I found the classes to be well diversified covering different areas of today’s management applications and challenges in various engineering disciplines through a practically established curriculum.

Shortly after graduation I had the opportunity to take big steps towards a better career path and improvement in all aspects of my work. I recommend the ESM program to everybody as an invaluable asset of their future.”

profileDonald G. Kinney

2008 MSEM P.E., PMP, Alyeska Pipeline

"I want to thank the faculty of the ESPM department at UAA (especially Dr. Wang, Dr. Ra and Dr. Hoffman) for their support. The work I’ve done over the last several years at Alyeska Pipeline has been influenced and improved greatly as a direct result of the analytical tools I’ve been given in these classes. I look forward to continuing my education in further aspects of the ESPM program."


profileLouise Fode

2009 MSEM, General Forecaster, National Weather Service

"I entered the ESM program at UAA with the goal of gaining skills and knowledge that I would be able to apply as a future manager in my career.  Not only did I learn a lot of valuable information in the classes, sharing career experiences with the other students really broadened my outlook.  I was able to apply my knowledge in a final project that helped my office assess their performance and revise their operations.  In return, I was rewarded with a promotion.  I am confident that I will be able to use what I have learned with this degree as I move forward in my career in the atmospheric sciences."