Distance Education

   Distance Education in the Department of Project Management enables our students to attend our classes from anywhere in the world. Cisco TelePresence Movi, like Microsoft Skype's video calling, allows our students to interact with their professors and fellow students during class. Using Movi, our remote students can also present their work to the class using the content channel for collaboration or giving presentations. Additionally, recordings of class sessions and other class materials are posted online through Blackboard, for later viewing. This later, asynchronous, method of delivery is a great way for students to enrich their understanding or catch up in the event they miss a class session.


  • a broadband connection
  • a camera (webcam, built into some laptops)
  • a microphone (built into some webcams / laptops)
  • one of the following:
    • ear-buds
    • headphones
    • headset
    • speakerphone (must be full-duplex with echo and noise-canceling technology)


  • a broadband connection of 512kbps synchronous
    (upload and download speed each 512kbps or 0.5mbps) or better

Distance Education FAQ

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