Faculty Research

Research Title Author(s) Duration
Economical Analysis of Alaskan Street Lights by Using Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Technology Dr. Steve Wang Aug '08-'09
MSPM Cohort I, II, Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air in Seattle, WA Dr. Jang Ra 08/05 - 01-09
Research on Election LuAnn Piccard 12/07 - 05/08
The Future of Project Risk Management Dr. Jang Ra
Mike Fisher
07/06 - 07/08
A Systematic Evaluation of ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.’s Capital Projects Dr. Jang Ra
Mike Fisher
 07/06 - 07/08
Review of Facilities Services, Providence Alaska Medical Center Dr. Jang Ra 2004
Strategic Resource Planning, USKH, Inc. Dr. Jang Ra 2004
Evaluation of Project Management Control, Alaska DOT&PF Dr. Jang Ra 05/00 - 01/03
Electronic Commercial Driver's License, Alaska DOT&PF Dr. Jang Ra 05/00 - 01/03
Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan, Alaska DOT&PF Dr. Jang Ra 05/00 - 01/03
Feasibility Study for PAYLOAD, Alaska DOT&PF Dr. Jang Ra 05/00 - 01/03
PAYLOAD Project Dr. Jang Ra 06/00 - 06/01
 Project Management Process & Training, CTG Dr. Jang Ra  03/98 - 03/00
Development of Statistically Based Predictive Corrosion Model for Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Dr. Jang Ra 05/92 - 06/95
Facilitating Process Action Team for Management of Small Projects, USACE  Dr. Jang Ra 08/94
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Dr. Jang Ra  -- 

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