Course Descriptions

Introduction to Project Management

Introduction to Project Management provides an overview of project management processes and principles for people working in and associated with project teams. The course covers the basics of project management and establishes a common “project” language that can be beneficial to people working with project teams or newcomers to the project environment.

This tailor-made and delivered course is designed to introduce the concepts of project management to individuals and teams who work together on or in support of projects.  The course can also help bring an intact team up to the same level of understanding of project management concepts and tools.  Also, it can be customized to meet the unique needs of different organizations and delivered to ensure that participants understand and retain information most relevant to assisting with successful project delivery.

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Technical Writing for Project Managers

In today’s fast moving electronic and multimedia technical environment, project managers must be able to communicate precisely, effectively, accurately, and persuasively. Technical Writing for Project Managers has been developed to help practicing Project Managers improve their technical writing skills. The course will refresh and upgrade the writing skills of Project Managers, Designers and other technical personnel who find it important and necessary to improve their communication capabilities. The course will include a basic review of grammar and punctuation, rules for sentence construction, writing styles, and protocols for various media. Ethics of writing will be addressed. Examples of various types of writing styles will be presented and discussed. Different types of communication media will be analyzed for appropriateness and effectiveness. At the completion of the course, all participants should be able to write more clearly, credibly and concisely. Participants will improve their communication abilities in several different media including reports and email.

Prerequisite: The participants are expected to have the necessary background in project management and computer skills.

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PM Prep Certification

The purpose of this course is to prepare students to pass the Project Management Institute Project Management Professional (PMP) examination. Project management fundamentals are reviewed and studied, and this course satisfies the Professional Development Units (PDUs) required to apply for certification.

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Project Constructability

Constructability, if effectively applied, can produce a significant cost saving benefit for each project. The Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) Benchmarking Data indicates that cost savings due to Constructability can be as much as 2% to 5% of the project total installed cost (TIC).

This course will inform participants about the fundamentals of putting an effective constructability program in place, to include improving communication and bringing the construction expertise into the planning and design phases. The benefits of Constructability include making more timely and effective decisions, while realizing cost and scheduling benefits. Today’s fast tracked, multi-discipline projects can benefit greatly from the application of Constructability.

The course is based on CII principles and methodology. This course will combine theory with a team based application of an actual constructability project using principles and tools learned during the seminar.

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Project Controls

This course will allow participants to gain a full understanding of project controls as it applies to the incorporation of multiple tasks into one system, allowing the project manager to monitor budgets, schedules, and to communicate more effectively.

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Project Management Using Microsoft Project

This course will allow participants to learn how to schedule activities efficiently, assign resources economically, and track project performance effectively. Participants will master scheduling and tracking concepts while experiencing MS Project hands-on.

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P6 for Management

This course teaches participants how to setup a project and how to navigate using Oracle’s Primavera P6 toolset. Students will examine efficient methods to manage project constraints (Scope, Time, and Cost), and learn how to create effective project schedules and how to assign resources to align with the company’s management strategies. Participants will master scheduling and tracking concepts while experiencing Primavera 6 hands-on.

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Customized Training

These courses can be taken by individuals or groups. They are offered as on-site courses in several locations during the year and can also be taken via live video link. Additionally, the courses can be customized for cohort groups and/or delivered at a location of choice. All course registration fees include learning materials and meals.

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