Simulation in Action at UAA

Vision Statement

The Interprofessional Health Sciences Simulation Center will be a state-of-the-art simulation center promoting collaborative interprofessional learning that supports and enhances a statewide improvement in patient care and safety.

Purpose Statement

The Interprofessional Health Sciences Simulation Center provides diverse learning opportunities in a safe and supportive environment to promote communication, collaboration, and integration of Alaskan healthcare partners with a focus on preparing learners to be competent, confident, and compassionate health professionals.

The simulation labs are located in rooms 209C, 209E, and 211C of the Health Sciences Building (HSB).  The Simulation Center includes three high-fidelity simulation patient rooms equipped with a variety of VitalSims (med-fidelity), Noelle birthing simulator, SimMan 3G, and SimBaby (high-fidelity) mannequins, one control room with three content expert and technician control stations with advanced video system technology, three video debriefing rooms, and two simulation computer labs.  

The simulation labs provide an environment where the users may practice their proper client assessment, critical thinking, intervention skills, and procedures.  These labs are installed with pan-tilt-zoom video cameras, microphones, intercoms, and control center with advanced video systems for mannequin operation, audio/video recording, patient-student event log, and live-streaming application.  This set up provides a debriefing and reflection tool used by instructors for student assessment and critique.

UAA simulation in progress

Current Students

Before learners practice simulation exercises, a Confidentiality Agreement must be submitted to the Simulation Technician at the beginning of the program.  Why is a confidentiality agreement necessary?  The confidentiality agreement instills the practice of  HIPAA protocol followed by clinical practicum sites, and FERPA, ensuring that all learners will have a learning opportunity with a first time experience not influenced by other learners, and reiterates the simulation lab participation guidelines. How can you make the simulation exercise a valuable learning experience?  By following the Golden Rules of Simulation, we hope that you will leave each exercise with a better understanding of your nursing concepts, skills, and practices. 

Audience: General Public - Simulation Lab Tour

Audience: Current Student - Simulation Lab Orientation

Audience: Faculty - Simulation Lab Facility and Manikin Orientation

HIPAA Happens

The IHSSC is not the only simulation center that practices following HIPAA protocol.  Thank you to Nevada's Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas (CSC-LV) for creating an entertaining video for simulation learners.