Student Advising & Advocacy

The College of Health Office of Student Advising and Advocacy is the arm of the College that will directly interact, service, and meet the needs of students within the various majors. It will provide a variety of services to support prospective and current students in achieving their academic goals. As a point of entry into the University, new students within the College of Health can expect to receive assistance in the areas of advising, orientation, enrollment, registration, outreach, and information about academic support services. For current and continuing students, the Office of Student Advising and Advocacy will provide services and programs focused on retention, academic distinction, and advocacy.

The Office of Student Advising and Advocacy will also reach out to internal and external communities to advocate, educate, and promote the College of Health. The Center will engage and meet with middle and high school students and their counselors, government and nonprofit agencies, and other entities to educate prospective students on the many degree programs that the College of Health offers. The center will take the lead on informing prospective students of the rigorous prerequisites that are needed to be successful in completing College of Health majors.


At the University of Alaska Anchorage--a public, open enrollment, certificate, associates, bachelors, and masters degree institution--the College of Health’s Office of Student Advising and Advocacy will be dedicated to the matters centered upon student success. It promotes the intellectual advancement of students by demonstrating and reinforcing the essential values of scholarship, preservation, and retention through a series of activities that encourage self-motivation, sound decision-making, academic excellence, the value of community service, and becoming exceptional health practitioners.