Volunteer FAQ's

Where do I go?

Training, rehearsal and the ceremony all take place at the Alaska Airlines Center, 3550 Providence Dr.   Please enter through the security entrance down the stairs between the north and south entrance (there will be a large sign directing volunteers to this entrance). Once in the arena, come to the stage on the arena floor for orientation.

Where do I park?

You can park anywhere in the main AAC parking lot (except for the roped-off reserved parking area). Shuttles will also be running from (see the commencement website for more details)

What do I wear?

Please wear un-patterned black clothing and comfortable shoes. NO JEANS. Green vests will be given to those volunteers without robes. If you’ve volunteered in the past and have a green commencement polo shirt, you can wear that instead of the vest.

Is lunch provided?

Yes! Lunch will be provided following training and rehearsal.