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Art and Science Projects:

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Salve: Contemporary Art as Spiritual and Ritual. Out North Contemporary Art House, Anchorage, Alaska. May 1-June 30, 2007. From the Gurney Series: The Message (CCC) Space Resonance/Electromagnetic Meditation I 4R2=NRe2. A Behind the Black Ball Enterprises Production.


National Science Foundation, $144,000, 2006
National Research Council, $40,000, 2002-2003
UAA Faculty Development Grant, $10,000, 2003
American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Grant, $30,000, 2001-2002

Research film clip: This video presents the first example of a new class of chemical objects, related to a chemical garden, that are self-organized, animate (but not living) cellular structures. This is the first discovery of cellular movement in self-organized chemical systems. It is of significance to researchers in the fields of cellular motion, origin of life, chemical self-organization, periodic oscillations, and artificial life, and contributes to current philosophical debate concerning the definition of life.

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