Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers degrees in Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering. Graduates from the program are prepared for a variety of professional opportunities involving computer hardware and software.


CS&E 2013/2014 Curriculum Changes

Beginning in Fall 2013, the Computer Science & Engineering Department is adopting a revised curriculum. 

If you are a student under the 2013/2014 catalog year, please see the new course catalog content and flowcharts.  If you have not yet spoken to an advisor, please make an appointment with either the incoming student advisor, Crickett Watt ( ; 907-786-1085) or your assigned faculty advisor.

If you are a student under any previous catalog year, the new program requirements will not apply to you.  In order to determine which new core courses are equivalent to the old ones, see the curriculum changes guides.  Please consult with a faculty advisor for further details on which classes you should take.

All new documents can be found here:

For C++ Resources, please go to:


News and Events

CS&E Colloquia Series

Dr. Martin Cenek and the Computer Science & Engineering department will be hosting the first of a colloquia series next Wednesday, October 15 from 11:30am-1:00pm in ENGR 228.

Dr. Matthew T. Dickerson will be presenting “Agent-based Modeling, NetLogo, and Killer Whales.” Please see the flyer for the abstract and Dr. Dickerson’s biography.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Cenek (

Alaska Space Grant Fellowship

Congratulations to John Harriss, who was selected as an Alaska Space Grant Fellowship recipient for the academic year 2013-2014.  The fellowship program is intended to facilitate student participation in NASA related projects and to recognize the academic accomplishments of students enrolled at Alaska NASA Space Grant Program member institutionsJohn is a Computer Science Engineering major working with Prof. Sam Siewert.

 Intel 2013 Embedded Curriculum Program Award

Congratulations to Prof. Sam Siewert, who was awarded Intel's 2013 Embedded Curriculum Program Award.  The grant will be used for software development and supporting hardware for CSCE A320 (Operating Systems) and CSCE A485 (Computer Vision).  It includes the Mobile Atom + Altera FPGA DE2i-150 boards from Terasic for the CSCE A219 lab, which boots Linux and provides an alternative to the TI-OMAP boards currently in use.

Prof. Randy Moulic and Augmented Human Senses

Read about Prof. Moulic's future research projects at

Prof. Sam Siewert's Smart Cam Project

Read about Prof. Siewert's latest research project at

Anchorage Technology Event Calendar

The CS&E department manages a community event calendar for Anchorage's developer community.  To submit an event or create an account, please contact the CS&E department administrative assistant, Dana Collins, at or (907) 786-5475.