Adding a New Program, Certificate, or Occupational Endorsement Certificate

New degrees, certificates, and occupational endorsement certificates (OECs) require the most time and paperwork of all curriculum actions. The Board of Regents approves new degrees and undergraduate certificates. The UAA Chancellor approves OECs. The procedure for creating new degrees, undergraduate certificates and OECs is the same.

Before formally attempting to create a new degree, certificate or OEC, you must accomplish the following steps:

  • Meet with the Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs, 786-1053, to discuss the proposed action.
  • Complete a needs assessment to justify the addition of your new program.
  • Discuss the fiscal implications of adding a new program with the department director or division chair.

After this conceptual approval, the formal process to create a new degree or certificate requires a number of forms, which can be downloaded from the Governance website.

Forms required for new programs:

  • Memo to UAB/GAB (whichever is appropriate)
  • BOR Summary - approved with signatures (not required for PICR review)
  • NWCCU Check sheet (not required for PICR review)
  • Needs Assessment (not required for PICR review)
  • Four-year course offering plan (not required for PICR review)
  • Program level assessment plan (not required for PICR or UAB review, but must be submitted to OAA after UAB review)
  • Submit changes within NextCatalog Catalog Information Management (CIM)

Changing Existing Programs

Forms required for changes to existing programs:

  • Memo to UAB/GAB (whichever is appropriate)
  • Updated assessment plan (if changes warrant--not required for PICR review)
  • Submit changes within NextCatalog Catalog Information Management (CIM)

If you're changing courses within the program, see the PICR Course page.

In addition to completing curriculum forms, you will also need to create/update the program assessment plan. This is not required for PICR or UAB/GAB review, but must be submitted to OAA after UAB and Faculty Senate approve the curriculum change.


Deleting Programs

It is important to be sure that you or anyone with a vested interest in your program do not want the program at all any more. Consider whether it could serve in a modified form (see revising courses or revisions to programs). Coordination with interested departments and planning for admitted student completion of the program is essential. 

Forms required for each program to be deleted:

  • PAR form
  • Updated catalog copy

To bring catalog copy changes to the curriculum committee, please complete a PAR form from the governance site and submit the old catalog copy with marked changes along with the new catalog copy. You will find a downloadable Microsoft Word version of the catalog's relevant chapters in the Quick Links section of the governance site.