What does PICR look for on CARs and CCGs?

Answer: Really, we're not being picky. The following are typical areas we discuss and might help you prepare for the experience:

  • Correct boxes are checked on the CAR form - this affects how the change is entered in Banner
  • Proofread for typos, mechanical or grammatical errors
  • Compare the CAR to the CCG to ensure the areas that are supposed to be copied directly from the CAR to the CCG accurately reflect each other
  • Check the bibliography and suggested text section for proper formatting according to current APA, MLA, or industry standards
  • Demand for the course or program
  • Fiscal implications of the action - will additional resources be necessary to offer this course/program?
  • How the course/program aligns with industry standards
  • Number of credits justified by the course content and outcomes
  • Course description, instructional goals, and student outcomes aligned
  • Appropriate prerequisites and/or corequisites
  • Necessity of registration restrictions
  • Clear and persuasive justification reflects the boxes checked in box 8 of the CAR form
  • Appropriate organizations listed in the coordination box
  • Appropriate contact hours
  • Recency of references and suggested texts
  • Measurable student outcomes
  • Duplicate content from another course or program
  • Course fits into the entire program
  • Changes compared to original course and catalog copy
  • Justification for required credits for certificates and degrees

Please also keep in mind that it is unlikely that members of PICR or UAB/GAB will share your area of expertise, and thus may have many questions about the field and the specific content of your course.  You can attach scholarly articles or peer reviewed sources to your packet, or provide them as necessary to help inform committee members.

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