What to expect at a PICR Meeting

A: In most meetings, we begin with updates from the Associate Dean, the Chair, the current CTC UAB representative, and the Curriculum Coordinator.  These can be very brief or turn into longer discussions. The committee tries to keep these discussions and updates a reasonable length based on the curriculum to be reviewed that meeting.

We also try to be consistent about introducing all members to the faculty initiators present.  We see some of you so frequently that this step might be skipped.  Do not hesitate to ask who everyone is if you are not familiar with all the committee members.

We begin the review process with second readings in the order they were submitted for review.  First readings follow ordered the same way.  Occasionally, a motion is made to alter the agenda if an action that is relatively short and simple follows a larger or more complicated packet.  We review each action page by page asking questions and suggesting changes.

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