Academic Brochures

Printed academic brochures are utilized by the Community & Technical College (CTC) in student recruitment and advising, and to inform the broader community about career pathways available through the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). Ensuring brochures are accurate and current is a shared responsibility of CTC and UAA.

Printing and production of academic brochures are coordinated by UAA Enrollment Services under a statewide contract. Production costs are shared between UAA and CTC. New print runs are initiated when CTC's brochure stock is low or when substantial curriculum changes take place warranting a reprint. The CTC communications coordinator serves as the liaison between the units and the UAA enrollment services project manager to produce academic brochures.

In support of UAA 2017 Core Values of sustainability and stewardship, the CTC communications coordinator manages brochure ordering/inventory to maximize use of all brochure print runs. Print brochures are also distributed in electronic format via CTC college and unit websites. Together, print and electronic brochures are considered key collateral of the college's Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS).

The communications coordinator, unit chair/director, or enrollment services project manager may initiate a reprint due to low quantities or substantial* curriculum changes. Contact the communications coordinator, for more information. Units may order copies of brochures from the CTC inventory by completing the Publication/Brochure Request Form.

Read the Academic Brochures Production Process handout for more information.

*For production purposes, "substantial" changes are defined by UAA Enrollment Services.