Print Publication Job Form

This CTC job form is to request the creation of or assistance with a print publication such as flyers, brochures, postcards, bookmarks, graphics or other unit-level print publication (levels explained in right-hand column).

This job form does not include requests for reprints or creations of the UAA academic brochures. Job requests are subject to the approval of the Director of Enrollment Management and are prioritized by level, one being the highest priority.

The CTC Communications Coordinator will respond with 24-hours of submission with a status update on your request.

Ex: to advertise a new aspect of our program; to promote a boot camp; recruitment; retention

(Alumni, Current Students, Prospective Students, Internal to UAA, General Population, High School, Middle School)

Please provide text for the publication you are requesting. Provide direction on how you would like the content organized.

Do you have image suggestions? If you already have images, they will be requested at the time of the status update. Please be sure to have all copyright and/or photo release statements ready for request.


Publication Levels

Level 1
CTC Academic program brochures are produced and coordinated through UAA Enrollment Services. These brochures are paid  from CTC central marketing budget above the 500 free brochures in CTC's agreement. Reorder of these brochures is coordinated between the unit and Communications Coordinator.

Level 2
CTC Service/Extended campus program brochures - Communication Coordinator produces in-house (and sends out for printing using local vendors like Kinkos). Paid for out of the central marketing budget.

Level 3
Optional CTC unit flyers/brochures produced at unit level paid for by unit budget. Input and assistance is provided by the Communications Coordinator upon request.