Adding a Web Contributor

A CTC Web contributor is an individual who edits and manages Web content. Each chair/director may identify up to two Web contributors for his/her unit.

Annually, CTC sends an updated list of designated Web approvers/contributors to UAA Internet Technology Services (ITS). This is part of our risk management strategy to ensure that our websites are only accessed by current employees and to comply with UAA's Web Content Management System (CMS) standards and requirements. Units may designate new contributors to replace existing contributors in the event of personnel changes or reassignment of staff priorities due to changing unit needs.

Please follow these steps to add a contributor:

  1. The unit director/chair must place a request in writing via email or intercampus mail to the CTC communications coordinator (UC 141). The Communications Coordinator will forward this request to the CTC Dean for approval.
  2. Once the CTC Dean has approved the request, the Communications Coordinator will submit the contributor's name to ITS.
  3. Contributors must go through formal ITS training held in conjunction with CTC before website access is granted.

NOTE: All contributor edits are sent to the communications coordinator for approval upon submission. Approval submissions are processed each morning the following day. The communications coordinator should be notified via e-mail of urgent edits requiring immediate approval.

Please see the CTC Web approver and contributor policy for more detailed information.