The Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Dietetics & Nutrition Division Advisory Committee plays a key role in shaping UAA’s culinary and hospitality programming. Made up of business owners, alumni, industry professionals, and educators, the committee consults with division leadership to ensure training is relevant, excellent, and aligned with national accreditation standards.


Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Dietetics & Nutrition Division

Bill Dugdale, Advisory Committee Chair, Center Management Services

Tim Doebler, Director - Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Dietetics & Nutrition, UAA

Wendy Bronson, Marketing Manager, Food Services of America

Clayton Damm, UAA Alumnus, Credit Manager, Hotel Captain Cook

Kirsten Dixon, Owner/Operator Within the Wild Adventure Co.

Don Ellis, UAA Alumnus, Marketing Associate, Sysco Alaska

Laile Fairbairn, Owner/Operator, Snow City Cafe/Spenard Roadhouse

Maggie Kelly, Consultant, Alaska Visitor Services

Chef Rob Kineen, Fresh49

Elizabeth Johnston, Department Head, Alaska Culinary Academy, AVTEC