Hospitality & Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Arts

The hospitality and restaurant management program produces graduates who are not only prepared for entry-level work positions in the rapidly expanding and varied foodservice, hospitality, and tourism industry, but also who can confidently advance to middle and upper-level management opportunities because of their formal training and education. At the completion of this program, students are able to:

  • Apply theories and concepts of baking and cooking and implement necessary techniques to operate or function in a commercial kitchen and bakery.
  • Demonstrate ability to practice concepts of customer service and operate front-desk operations for lodging venues.
  • Analyze the food, beverage, and lodging cost-control cycle and accounting practices, and implement controls to maintain costs and ensure profitability.
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement sales, marketing, and promotion, and utilize resources to develop and implement marketing plans for food service, lodging, and tourism venues.
  • Discuss the importance of the manager's role and ethics associated with executive management and how they lead and inspire staff to achieve missions and goals.
  • Identify health, building, and fire codes and implement requirements to maintain a safe hospitality environment.