• Filipino American History Month Celebration: Fiesta & Film
       October 2014

    Requested by Asian Pacific Islander Community Wellness Club

    Purpose: To recognize and celebrate Filipino American History Month through food, performance, and brief presentations of the history and experience of Filipino Americans.
    Relates to Diversity Goals: Through the fiesta, UAA is able to expand and enhance the “public square,” adding to the diversity of the stories of people who settled in the U.S. and helped build Alaska.
        Amount Granted: $845.00

  • Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations
       September 16 - October 15, 2014

    Requested by UAA Latino Student Union (LSU)

    Purpose: To encourage student, staff, and faculty participation in order to increase the knowledge and raise awareness of the rich cultural heritage of Hispanic and Latinos.
    Relates to Diversity Goals: Through a month of celebration (including nine events), LSU will help to create an inclusive, respectful campus community that promotes and embraces individual differences.
        Amount Granted: $2,154.98

  • Reel Women...A Film Series
       September - November 2014

    Requested by Women's Studies Program

    Purpose: To raise awareness of diverse cultures and specifically the role of women in each culture being celebrated in the monthly heritage and cultural months at UAA.
    Relates to Diversity Goals: Through a series of films corresponding with a cultural/heritage month (Hispanic/Latino in September, Filipino in October, and Alaska Native/Native American in November), Women's Studies will showcase films about women, written by women, produced by women and/or directed by women in those cultures.
        Amount Granted: $1,250.00

  • Strong Service with former Seattle Seahawk Mack Strong
       September 27, 2014

    Requested by UAA Simple Truth Club

    Purpose: To provide UAA students, staff, and faculty as well as the whole Anchorage community, with an opportunity to engage in service to those in need.
    Relates to Diversity Goals:Through serving those in need, volunteers are given a unique perspective into the lives of people with different backgrounds, who often come from under-represented populations.
        Amount Granted: $1,745.00

  • Native Programs Value Series
    September 2013 - May 2014

    Requested by Native Programs: NSS, RRANN, Camai Room, Pathways, & Patience Merculief

    Purpose: Providing weekly “Values” lunches (every Thursday from 12-1pm; 10 in each semester) where students share food and discuss traditional values with guest speakers.
    Relates to Diversity Goals: Creates familiar comfort for AK Native & American Indian students; provides opportunity for UAA community to learn about and share culture.
    Amount Granted: $750

  • Asian Pacific Islander Movie Nights
    October 17 & 28, November 14 & 25, 2013

    Requested by UAA Asian Pacific Islander Community Wellness Club

    Purpose: Providing five “Asian Pacific Islander Movie Nights.”
    Relates to Diversity Goals: Enhances understanding and interest in API culture.
    Amount Granted: $400

  • UAA’s 2013 Celebration of Alaska Native/Native American Heritage Month: November 2013

    Requested by Alaska Native Studies and UAA OCDC on behalf the 2013 UAA Alaska Native/Native American Heritage Month Planning Committee

    Purpose: Providing a series of programs, events, and activities during November 2013 to celebrate and educate the community about the rich cultures and traditions of Indigenous Peoples.
    Relates to Diversity Goals: Provides UAA campus and surrounding community with opportunities to engage in dialogues and participate in activities which focus on Alaska’s first peoples, cultures, values and traditions.
    Amount Granted: $2500

  • Veterans Day Recognition Events at Mat-Su College
    November 11, 2013

    Requested by Mat-Su College Veterans Services

    Purpose: To recognize UAA veteran students and local area veterans for their service to our country and community and to educate and inform about the Veterans Day holiday as well as the diversity of our past and present military.
    Relates to Diversity Goals: Acknowledges, nurtures, and promotes respect of veterans who are, by virtue of their unique but collaborative experiences, a cultural group.
    Amount Granted: $410

  • Records forthcoming. Thank you for your patience.
  • Records forthcoming. Thank you for your patience.