Faculty Implementing Accommodations


When students encounter barriers and are eligible for adjustments, faculty receive notification through the DSS Online Accommodation Management system.

Faculty are responsible for accessible course content and should use Universal Design formatting principles at the design stage; the Faculty Technology  Center as well as DSS can assist.

Formatting course content for accessibility is best served by the Universal Design of electronic documents and course content; Universal Design makes your course information more mobile so it's compatible across all types of devices - computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets - and across all varieties of end-user settings on their devices.  To learn the simple steps of proper formatting for your course materials, please go to http://www.ncdae.org/resources/cheatsheets/

 Videos of student and faculty experiences

From the National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQGFshzLPXE

From California State University's Accessible Technology Initiative:   http://teachingcommons.cdl.edu/access/materials/fwis.shtml 


What if a student in my class needs accommodation?

Should a student require academic accommodation (e.g. extended testing time, notetaking assistance), you will be notified through either an email from our department or a letter printed on our letterhead. If a student approaches you requesting accommodations based on disability without notification from this department, you are under no obligation to provide accommodations; however, please refer the student to DSS.

Syllabus Statement

To inform students of DSS please include a syllabus statement that alerts students to our purpose and location on campus.

Including a link to the DSS homepage is also recommended.