Assistive Technologies at UAA

Magnification, Text-to-Speech, and Speech-to-Text are just a few of the options available to DSS students, to access alternate format materials.  If you would like to learn more about customizing your computer to improve accessibility please contact Krista Zug, DSS Adaptive Computing Specialist at (907)-786-4538 to schedule an individual consultation.    

Some of the items available to DSS students on a limited basis by semester include:

ClassMate Readers and other audio format listening devices

Digital Recorders

LiveScribe Digital Pens

Cassette Recorders

 Speech Recognition headsets

Many other assistive softwares and devices

You may also install the Premier Accessibility Suite from the UAA Software Downloads Page. Contact DSS for the logon information at 786-4530 (your student or staff ID will be requested for verification).  Features of this Accessibility Suite include universal text reader, talking word processor, PDF converter, web grabber tool and more.

Check out the accessibility site which features tutorials for computer users as well as tutorials for content designers.


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