The Department of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage provides an opportunity for a truly liberal education, one that encourages both self-discovery and an exploration of enduring ideas. The curriculum includes courses in composition, rhetoric, literature, linguistics, and critical and creative thinking strategies. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs in literature and rhetoric, as well as general education courses that develop students' skills in electronic communication, disciplinary writing, and research.



First-Year Composition

The First-Year Composition program provides courses that fulfill the university's general education requirement in written communication. More advanced writing courses are opportunities for students to develop skill in electronic communication, disciplinary writing, and research.


Emphasis Options for English Majors

Students who major in English choose one of three options: literature, rhetoric and language, or education. The literature option focuses on significant examples of literature from different periods and genres, as well as the social and cultural forces that shape them. The rhetoric option focuses on rhetorical strategies and techniques of composition, emphasizing historical and theoretical perspectives in contemporary settings. The education option focuses on preparation appropriate for teaching certification. All options prepare majors to conduct research in the discipline and to write for a variety of purposes and audiences. In addition, they offer the opportunity to earn honors in English.


The Minor in English

The minor in English enhances the experience of students majoring in other subjects by providing a study of significant authors and literary works, as well as by developing skills in writing and critical analysis.


The Graduate Program

The graduate program is a 36-credit Master of Arts with balanced coursework in literature, rhetoric, composition, and linguistics. The degree prepares students to pursue more specialized doctoral studies or for jobs in teaching, writing, editing, and business, professional, and technical communications. Students enjoy significant flexibility in designing their degree. Competitive teaching assistantships and research assistantships are available.


Questions about Studying English at UAA?

For information on English placement tests, challenge exams, transfer credits, petition procedures, or special registration, contact the English department.