General contact information

Department of English
University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive, ADM 101
Anchorage, AK 99508-4614

(907) 786-4355 (phone)
(907) 786-4383 (fax)

Faculty and Staff

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Adams, Heather
Assistant Professor
Office: ADM 103K
Phone: 786-4369

Andersen, Angela
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 103E
Phone: 786-4372

Barnes, Aisha
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 101N
Phone: 786-4363

Bourne, Douglass
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 101E
Phone: 786-4380

Bowie, David
Associate Professor
Office: ADM 101P
Phone: 786-4359

Boyce, Melissa
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 101Q
Phone: 786-4348

Breinig, Jeane C.
Professor and Associate Dean of the Humanities
Office: ADM 101B
Phone: 786-4358

Cason, Jackie
Associate Professor
Office: ADM 103L
Phone: 786-4367

Dannenberg, Clare
Assistant Professor
Office: ADM 101L
Phone: 786-4386

Emmerichs, Sharon
Assistant Professor
Office: ADM 101F
Phone: 786-6742

Jenkins, Patricia
Associate Professor
Office: ADM 103G
Phone: 786-4379

Kline, Daniel T.
Professor, Chair
Office: ADM 101H
Phone: 786-4364

Knorr, Alyse
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 101Gs
Phone: 786-4347

Lamb, Michael
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 103B
Phone: 786-4385

Linton, Patricia W.
Professor and Senior Associate Dean of CAS
Office: SSB 326
Phone: 786-1751

Nixon, Jessie
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 103D
Phone: 786-4342

Nunnally, Clay
Office: ADM 103C
Phone: 786-4382

Partridge, Katherine
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 101G
Phone: 786-4371

Ray, Melissa
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 103J
Phone: 786-7627

Rudkin, James
Term Instructor
Office: ADM 103F
Phone: 786-4368

Spatz, Ron
Office: ADM 103M
Phone: 786-4361

Stone, Jennifer
Associate Professor
Office: ADM 101J
Phone: 786-4373

Ward, Jervette R.
Assistant Professor
Office: ADM 103A
Phone: 786-4374

Widdicombe, Toby
Office: ADM 101M
Phone: 786-4377

The Department of English is now served by the administrative team for the Humanities Division, most of whom are housed in the English suite. 

Kathy Woodhead
Assistant to the Associate Dean
Office: ADM 101-C
Phone: 786-6016

Erin Day
Academic Advisor
Office: ADM 101-R
Phone: 786-1357

Paula Feldhacker
Divisional and Academic Support
Office: ADM 101-D
Phone: 786-4357

Leslie Breest
Student Support and Graduate Affairs
Office: ADM 101
Phone: 786-4355

Christina Talbott-Clark
Social Media and Event Support
Office: ADM 147P
Phone: 786-4182




Amore, Martha

Block, Phillip

Bower, Jonathan

Chartier, Laura

Day, Jathan

Dym, Brianna

Finch, Morgaine

Forster, Suzanne

Johnson, Hannah

Kraft, Zebadiah

Lawton, Kate

Maile, Bethany

Moore, Judith - Emeritus

Mouracade, Sarah

Rannals, William

Rawlins, Leah

Schowen, Ryan

Simmons, Pam

Tremblay, Larry



Ihrig, LaVon

Kolendo, Megan

McDonald, Shiosha

Parish, Laine

Reynaga, September

Sheppard, Blanche

Waetjen, Elizabeth