David Bowie

Associate Professor
Office: Admin 101-P
Phone: (907) 786-4359
Email: david.bowie@uaa.alaska.edu


Dr. David Bowie was trained in linguistics at the University of Maryland College Park and the University of Pennsylvania, where he focused on quantitative modeling of linguistic behavior. (What that means: If you need to talk to someone about using statistics, he’s got some ideas.) Since then he has held positions at Brigham Young University and, most recently, the University of Central Florida.

His early research compared the way people perceive and produce language, though he’s since drifted into looking at issues of language and aging. He also has a continuing interest in the influences of Southern American English on local linguistic patterns in Maryland and Utah. He’s particularly looking forward to conducting fieldwork research on English as it’s spoken in Alaska, because there hasn't been very much serious work on that yet, making Alaska the last frontier for linguistics, as well.


AA Prince George's Community College

BA University of Maryland College Park

PhD University of Pennsylvania

Teaching Responsibilities