Gerontology Minor Requirements

The Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Minor in Gerontology is comprised of a selection of courses that specifically relate to issues concerning the aging process.

A total of 18 credit hours are required for the minor. You are not required to be enrolled in the Gerontology Minor Program to take these classes. 

Complete the required Minor Core Courses (9 credits)

SOC     A110

Introduction to Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Approach (3 Cr; Fall)
(meets UAA GER Social Science Requirement after 2006 catalog)

SOC     A310 Sociology of Aging (3 Cr; Summer)
PSY      A450 Adult Development and Aging (3 Cr; Summer, Fall)



Complete nine (9) additional credits from the elective lists below. 
Six of the credits must be upper-division courses.  Up to six credits may be from approved practicum courses related to gerontology. 

AKNS   A492 Cultural Knowledge of Native Elders (3 Cr; Spring)
HUMS  A416 Substance Abuse & the Older Adult (3 Cr; Fall)
PSY     A143 Death and Dying (3 Cr; Summer)
NS       A434 Health Care for the Elderly (3 Cr)

Selected Topic Courses Related to Gerontology (3-6 Credits):
Selected or special topic courses related to aging are periodically offered by various departments. These courses may be petitioned to be applied to the gerontology minor:

SWK     A473
Geriatric Social Work Practice (3 Cr; Summer)
or SWK A470 Social Work with the Aging/Elderly

DN       A151

Nutrition and the Life Cycle (3 Cr; Fall, Spring, Summer)
or DN A147 Geriatric Nutrition
PSY      A490 Women and Aging (1 Cr)
PEP      A442 Exercise and Aging (3 Cr)
HUMS   A240 Geriatric Lifestyle Assessment (3 Cr)

Approved Practicums Related to Gerontology (3-6 Credits)

Practicums related to gerontological issues may also be used to meet minor program requirements. Practicum courses are individualized and represent an applied or practical side of the minor which are offered by various departments. A maximum of 6 credits may be from practicum courses, which must be approved by the Gerontology Minor Committee.

PLEASE NOTE: All Minor programs must be declared on your Application for Graduation and completed by the time you graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in order to appear on your transcripts.