2014 UAA Academic Assessment Seminar
September 12, 2014

Seminar Program 

Engaging the Institution in GER Learning Outcomes Assessment: Workshop on Next Steps in Building a Sustainable GER Assessment Process at UAA.

Agenda | Worksheet | GER Learning Outcomes | GER Faculty Perspective Survey Results | Findings


Keynote Address: Creating & Sustaining a Culture of Learning...and what assessment has to do with it

Presentation | Video Recording | Dr. Susan Hatfield, Senior Scholar, Higher Learning Commission 


UAA Best Practices in Academic Assessment

Presentation | Department of Anthropology: Graduate Assessment Revisions | Professor Paul White

Presentation | Bachelor of Business Administration: Program Improvement Lessons Learned | Professor Kathleen Voge


The 2014 UAA Academic Assessment Seminar engaged faculty expertise around teaching and learning. The program offered a GER Assessment Workshop where participants engaged in conversations around next steps in building a sustainable GER assessment process, a keynote address from Dr. Susan Hatfield, where she shared a national perspective focused on creating and sustaining a culture of learning, and a best practices session where UAA academic programs shared their assessment stories.


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