Program Student Learning Outcomes

What are Program Student Learning Outcomes?

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) define what specific knowldege, abilities, values, and/or attitudes students in our respective programs should be able to demonstrate. They are the focus of the program's assessment plan. More information can be found in Section V. of the handbook.

How does a program revise its PSLOs?

Because PSLOs are a part of the program's assessment plan, a program wanting to revise its PSLOs should follow the same process for revising assessment plans.

The required materials are:

  • Academic Program Assessment Plan Action Form with required signatures
  • Cover memo describing the actions taken
  • Updated assessment plan with the revised PSLOs integrated into the plan
  • Word document with just the PSLOs as they should appear in the UAA Catalog (only required for actions taken relative to PSLOs)

Programs should first go through their regular curriculum process up through the college/school level and then go directly to the AAC. After these materials have been through the college's curriculum process, they can be submitted to the AAC at The AAC will schedule a review of the materials at a future meeting. Faculty initiators or a qualified faculty representative must be present at the AAC meeting for the review to take place.