About Classified Council


What is Classified Council?
The Council is composed of 24 voting members representing all campuses that comprise the University of Alaska Anchorage. Members of the Council are elected in April. The Council elects officers from Council membership each May. 

Purpose of Classified Council
The Council represents all classified (paid-hourly) employees of the University of Alaska Anchorage. The Council serves as an advisory body to the Chancellor in matters concerning classified employees. This includes, but is not limited to, representative participation towards the solution of problems, formulation and revision of polices affecting this employees and their salaries and benefits, as well as working conditions, general services, and services performed. The Council acts as a resource, support system, and advocate for all classified employees. 

Members of the Council are also selected to represent staff on campus committees, such as the Planning and Budget Advisory Council (PBAC), the Campus Safety Committee, and the Diversity Action Council. 

Council meetings are held the first Thursday of every month (excluding January) during the academic year from 8:30-10:00am in ADM 204 (location is subject to change). All meetings are open to the public and classified employees are encouraged to attend. 

If you would like to suggest or present on an issue at a Classified Council meeting, please contact UAA_gov@uaa.alaska.edu. Time is allotted at all Council meeting for brief public comments. 

Topics Addressed

  • UAA Staff Compensation and Benefit Updates
  • Advocacy/ Legislative Updates
  • Performance Based Budgeting Process
  • UAA Administrator Searches
  • Opportunities for involvement
  • Safety
  • Facilities
  • Parking
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Other topics that affect classified employees

Community Outreach
The Council coordinates community outreach events each year. In 2006-2007, for example, the Council organized food and clothing drives for local shelters. In Fall 2013 they are hosting a Foundations for Success fundraiser for the Covenant House.

Social Events
The Classified Council has a joint subcommittee dedicated to social events. The Social Subcommittee hosts an annual Chili Feed and Contest for all classified employees every fall. They also hold other events such as high tea and ice cream socials.