Curriculum Documents

After review by the college/school curriculum committee, a hard copy of the proposal signed by the dean is forwarded to the Governance Office along with an electronic version of the full proposal. The complete curriculum packet (signed and electronic) needing UAB/GAB review must be received in the Governance Office by 9 a.m. Monday in order to be on the agenda for the Friday meeting of the same week.  

Department Codes
Division Codes
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Please visit the
course search website for assistance in filling out your Curriculum Action Request (CAR) form. This searchable website provides box-by-box information for active courses that can be easily transferred to the boxes on the CAR form.


Consult with the Office of Academic Affairs before starting this process to discuss the necessary steps and required documents. For undergraduate programs, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs at For graduate programs, please contact the Graduate School at