Formatting Your Thesis or Dissertation

Please review the Thesis Formatting PowerPoint which will assist you in correctly formatting your thesis.  We strongly advise you to have your thesis reviewed by the Graduate School prior to submission.

  • If you choose to have the Graduate School review your thesis, please submit it to the Graduate School Service Assistant, Polina Martin. You can submit it at the Graduate School, located in Administration Building, Suite 200 or by email, When you cannot reach Polina, please email signature pages to

UAA's Thesis Formatting Handbook (summer 2014 edition - kindly do NOT use previous versions)

Graduate School Thesis Formatting Advising Appointments and Walk-In Advising Hours:

  • Personal appointments for thesis advising may be made by calling 786-1096 or emailing

  • The Office of the Graduate School is available for thesis formatting advising on a walk-in basis. Please stop by on Friday's between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  Always check for closures online by reviewing the: Graduate School Calendar 

For assistance with the new landscape layout requirements, please review the outline and video provided by Research Guides. 

Program Specific Formatting Handbooks: Use in conjuction with the UAA Thesis Formatting Handbook. (When in doubt, the UAA handbook trumps the department handbook).

Public Health Practice Thesis Practicum Handbook 

Signature Page approval is mandatory before defending your thesis. Approval will save you time and heartache later.

  • Submit a copy of your signature page to Polina Martin, the Service Assistant for the Graduate School. You can submit the page in person at the Administration Building, Suite 200 during normal office hours or by email at If she is unavailable, please email your signature page to She will make sure it gets to the appropriate individual to be critiqued. 

See Signature Page and Title Page examples below. The examples are templates and not to be used as actual pages.

Example - Signature Page
Example- Title Page

Be certain that you are compliant with publishing standards by reviewing the UAA Thesis Formatting Checklist.


Thesis Electronic Submission-Mandatory

Electronic Thesis Submission is mandatory; no hardcopies will be accepted for publication.  Please check the Graduate School Workshop webpage for upcoming ETD training dates and times.

Deadlines for Final Thesis Submission to the Graduate School: (The Signature Page complete with all approving signatures except for  final formatting review and approval by the Graduate School Dean.)

Fall Graduation:        December 10

Spring Graduation:    April 10

Summer Graduation: July 10

If the Graduate School thesis deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline becomes the following Monday. For example, if December 10th  falls on a Saturday the default deadline would become Monday, December 12. 

Please consult your college or school dean's office for their thesis submission deadlines for each semester to allow adequate time for their review prior to submission to the Graduate School Dean.  Please check with your college or school Dean for their deadlines so that they may have sufficient time to read the thesis and return them to students for final submission to the Office of the Graduate School on the ETD website. 

Electronic Thesis Submission

You must upload and submit your thesis electronically at UMI ETD Administrator's website

Steps for Electronic Thesis Download:

1)  Enter website at

2)  Go to  the students tab and click on submit to upload your final thesis on the site. More are online instructions are available if you need them.

3)  At this point, you have uploaded your final approved submission.

The Office of Degree Services is notified by the Graduate School upon approval of the thesis by the Dean of the Graduate School and succesful electronic submission for publication. Degrees are dated and posted immediately by the Office of Degree Services during the semester in which all degree requirements are completed.


Flow Chart of Thesis Review and Submission

We know that the process of submitting a submitting your thesis and its' review is somewhat confusing. The flow chart was designed to assist you in understanding the process.  As always, please contact the Graduate School at any time  for clarification when you have questions.



Requests for a Deadline Extension

Your Graduate Adviser must write a memo to the Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Helena Wisniewski, through the Department Chair and Dean requesting an extension of time to complete your thesis/dissertation.  This memo is prepared on your behalf by your Graduate Adviser.  The memo must outline the circumstances that precipitated this unusual request. By approving the request for an extension of time to submit the thesis/dissertation, your Department Chair and Dean acknowledged this request for an extension and agree to review your thesis in a timely manner to allow the extension deadline to be met.

Requests for deadline extensions prepared by students are not accepted.

Requests for extension must be made no later than:

Fall Semester:          December 1

Spring Semester:      April 1

Summer Semester:   July 1


No extensions will be granted for any reason after December 15th for Fall Semester, April 15th for Spring Semester, and July 21st for Summer Semester.  The Graduate School staff requires adequate time to review your thesis.  You will require enough time to make any necessary corrections. The deadline  imposed by the Office of the Registrar for clearance to graduate is fixed and unable to be amended.

Extensions are made on a first come/first served basis. Not all extensions will be approved.



Copyright information

This is the link to the eCO: Electronic Copyright Office.

U.S. Copyright Office -Frequently Asked Questions about Copyrighting

Bound Copies:

If you would like to order hardcover bound copies of your thesis or dissertation for personal or departmental use, please contact the Office of the Graduate School with options offered at this time.  

Ultimately, you will purchase copies of your thesis through the ETD website. 


Roles of Individuals in the Thesis Process

Graduate Students:

  • Research
  • Write their thesis

Thesis Committee Chair:

  • Approve the thesis content, English usage, readability, thesis formatting, and adherence to acceptable publishing standards.

Thesis Committee:

  • Provide assistance with the content and academic rigor of the research of the thesis 
  • Critique the structure of the final product.  
Departmental staff:
  • Provide assistance with questions regarding formatting.  
  • Review submission process through the delivery of the final research product to the Graduate School.