Department of Health Sciences

Affiliate Faculty Members

  • Kathy Anderson, PhD, MPH (CV)
    Adjunct Professor, Alaska Pacific University
    Adjunct Instructor I, University of South Florida
    907-529-2000 Cell
  • Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH (CV)
    Project Director 
    Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project (AFVPP) 
    907-269-3454 Office
    907-269-2041 Fax
  • Andrea Fenaughty, PhD
    Section of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
    Division of Public Health
    AK Department of Health & Social Services
    907-269-8025 Office
  • Tom Hennessy, MD, MPH (CV)
    Infectious Disease Epidemiologist
    Medical Director, Arctic Investigations Program
  • Melissa Kemberling, PhD, MPH (CV)
    Director of Program Planning and Evaluation
    Mat-Su Health Foundation
  • Jennifer Lincoln, PhD, CSP (CV)
    Director, Alaska Pacific Office
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
    907-271-2383 Office
  • Joe McLaughlin, MD, MPH, TM (CV)
    Affiliate Assistant Professor of Public Health
    State Epidemiologist
    Alaska Division of Public Health 
    907-269-8000 Office
  • Alan Parkinson, PhD (CV)
    Affiliate Professor of Public Health
    Associate Director
    CDC - Arctic Investigations Program
  • Kerry Pride, DVM, MPH
  • Troy Ritter, REHS, MPH, DAAS (CV)
    Applied Sciences Manager
    Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

  • Barbara Stillwater, PhD, RN (CV)
    Alaska Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
    Alaska Division of Public Health, Section of Epidemiology
    907-269-8035 Office
    907-269-5446 Fax
  • Timothy Thomas, MD (CV)
    Clinical and Research Services Department
    Division of Community Health Services
    Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  • Barry Weiss, MD, FAAFP  (CV)
    Affiliate Professor of Public Health

Professor Emeritus

  • Bernie Segal, PhD (CV)
    Professor Emeritus of Health Sciences
  • Larry Weiss, PhD, MS (CV)
    Professor of Health Sciences 
    Professor Emeritus at UAA & Founding Director of the Alaska Center for Public Policy
    907-240-4141 Office