MPH Student Advisory Council

The goal of the MPH Student Advisory Council is to be an advocate for MPH students so they have a positive and academically fulfilling experience.

Meet our Council Members

Meet our Student Advisory Council members.

Meeting Minutes

SAC meeting minutes are available for download.

MPH Sponsorship Program

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Student Advisory Council Mission Statement and Goals


  • The University of Alaska Anchorage MPH Student Advisory Council (SAC) serves as the liaison between students and faculty to connect the diverse and distant student body to the faculty as a voice for the MPH students.


  • Represent student interests when communicating with MPH faculty about student suggestions, comments and concerns
  • Share MPH program activities and events via MPH webpage, social media, newsletter or email communication
  • Promote opportunities for student engagement and integration within the MPH Program

Download a copy of the SAC Mission Statement & Goals in PDF format.