As demand for on-campus housing has increased, we continue to identify ways to meet the needs of our students and support their success, growth, and learning.

One way UAA has created new opportunities for on-campus living is by offering lower cost housing options. Overflow housing rooms are one such option. 

Overflow housing rooms are shared rooms in one of UAA's residential halls. Each room is furnished similarly to one-person spaces, however these spaces are shared by two students.

Each resident in overflow housing*:
  • has their own bunk bed and dresser.
  • shares a private bathroom with only three other residents in their suite.
  • receives a free meal plan upgrade.
  • gets priority access to a private, single room as soon as space becomes available.
  • receives a $500 discount applied to their UAA account if after three weeks the student is sharing their room with two ore more roommates. 
  • enjoys all the benefits of on-campus living:
    • social and peer support
    • residential activities
    • 24-hour on-call maintenance
    • convenient food options and
    • free campus transportation.

We look forward to seeing you on campus! Contact us at (907) 751-7202 with any questions.


*To be considered Overflow Housing resident must have shared a bunk space, desk and closet for more than three weeks during the semester.