Minor, Physical Education*

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Students who wish to minor in Physical Education must complete the following requirements. A total of 30 credits, including 10 upper division credits, is required for the minor. Prerequisites for these courses must also be satisfied.  Requires a grade of C or better in the leadership courses.

Complete the following core courses (15 credits):
BIOL A111  Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Laboratory - 4 cr
BIOL A112  Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Laboratory - 4 cr
PEP A181    Introduction to Health, Physical Education & Recreation - 3 cr
PEP A182    Technology in Health, Physical Education & Recreation - 1 cr
PEP A183    Wellness Principles - 1 cr
PEP A184    Fundamental Motor Skills - 1 cr
PEP A280    Leadership in Health, Physical Education & Recreation - 3 cr
PEP A281    Leadership in Activities for Diverse Populations - 2 cr
PEP A382    Kinesiology and Biomechanics - 4 cr
PEP A383    Movement Theory and Motor Development - 3 cr

Choose two of the following (4 credits):
PEP A282    Leadership in Initiative Activities - 2 cr
PEP A283    Leadership in Aquatic Activities - 2 cr
PEP A284    Leadership in Fitness Activities - 2 cr
PEP A285    Leadership in Team Activities - 2 cr
PEP A286    Leadership in Individual and Dual Activities - 2 cr
PEP A287    Leadership in Outdoor Recreation Activities - 2 cr
PEP A288    Leadership in Rhythmic Activities - 2 cr

*Not available to Physical Education majors

Declaration of Minor Form (online)