Associate of Applied Science Degree

Practicum Information

Practicum I & II are required for the AAS in   Human Services.

The Department follows strict guidelines dictated by   the accrediting body for Human Services Programs (CSHSE). Students must meet ALL prerequisites to be   admitted.

The following guidelines will assist you in gaining   entrance into practicum.
Practicum I -HUMS A295A
Prerequisites Links
Admission to Human Services AAS Degree Program  Admission     to UAA
HUMS A101 Introduction to Human Services (with grade C or better)  101     Course Description
HUMS A223 Introduction to Paraprofessional Counseling I (with grade C or better)
223     Course Description
ENGL 111 Methods of Written Communication
Practicum Application Practicum I Application
Practicum II - HUMS A29B
Completion of Practicum I (with Grade C or better) 
Continuing Practicum Placement ApplicationContinuing Practicum Application


Registration   for Practicum is closed. It is available only to students whose names   are submitted by the Human Services Department   Practicum Coordinator.  


  In   order to have their names submitted for registration, students must complete   their application   one semester prior to enrollment into practicum.     (Fall   and Spring semesters only. Practicum is unavailable during Summer   semester)  


  See   the Human Services Department Handbook for a detailed description of all practicum processes, including timelines.


The Application deadlines for Spring 2014 placement has past.

Application deadlines for Fall 2014 placement are:

Practicum I - March 7, 2014

Practicum II - March 21, 2014