Addiction Studies Minor

The Addiction Studies Minor, coordinated by the Human Services Department, provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge about the process and effects of addictive behaviors, and their treatment. By providing students with contemporary information, and an opportunity to select from an array of courses that meet their professional interests and goals, the minor prepares students for entry-level positions in treatment programs, substance abuse agencies, or for graduate study in this or related areas. The minor also enhances the capabilities of students in human service fields, such as social work, human services, nursing, justice, and psychology, to acquire knowledge about substance abuse, a major factor in many human dilemmas. Course work may also apply toward certification from the State of Alaska as a substance abuse counselor. Please note that additional course work and practicum hours may be required for this certification.

The Addiction Studies Minor requires a total of 18 credits, of which a minimum of nine must be upper-division.

Download the application for a Minor in Addiction Studies.