Students and employees at the University of Alaska are a mobile group.  Students may move from campus to campus and employees frequently move and travel between campuses during routine work.   The need for a single set of electronic identity credentials (usernames and passwords) that work at all UA campuses and permit users to access local resources has been a goal for over a decade.

The adoption of the UAusername by UAA, UAF and UAS was a major step moving away from multiple local identities toward a single identity.  Last year, engineers from UAA, UAF and UAS joined forces to develop a directory infrastructure across all campuses that utilized the new UAusername and connected to all application services in use at all campuses.  The design work is now done and the new “Unified Directory” is in place.  Work now turns to the labor-intensive job of migrating users, devices and services to this new infrastructure.

At UAA, we migrated our students to the new UAusername last spring.  While a major effort, the migration of employees, their service access and all university-owned devices will require a huge effort and will touch literally every UAA employee.  The scope of this project will include all migration efforts associated with moving employees, services and devices.

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Project Overview

The Unified Directory currently is in place at each of UAA’s campuses.  Most campus computer labs are connected to Unified Directory as is the new student Gmail service.  Students can access computer labs and their Gmail by using UAusername and password.


Schedule of Conversions by Department

This is an estimated schedule of migration times. Please send scheduling ideas for your department. Check back later for a more detailed schedule of subdepartments.

  • May through Jun - Early Adopters
  • Jun through August - Administrative departments and centers/institutes
  • August through Oct - Academic departments

Additional resources

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please email the IT Services Systems Engineering Team

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