Computing Account Request Form

This is the form you fill out to apply for a computer account. Please note: This is not for UAA student Email, computer lab, or Blackboard accounts. Student accounts are created automatically approximately 2 business days after registration. To lookup your username, go to me.uaa and select option 3.

This form applies to the following:

  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Department accounts
  • Guests

This form allows access to the following:

  • Email
  • Blackboard
  • IT Services Computer Labs
  • Consortium Library Databases

The following form is broken into 5 sections:

Email Account Setup – This information will be used to generate your UAA e-mail address.

Active Directory File Share Permissions – This information will be used to assign you to the necessary group file share.  If you are replacing an employee or need the same file access as another employee in your department enter their UAA Username (i.e. afabc12)  in the “Match Permissions to Username” field.

Phone Setup Information – The information in this section will be used to setup your VOIP phone.  With this information we can accurately configure your phone to display your name and location for E-911 services.

UAA Faculty/Staff Sponsor Information – This form requires submission or approval from a department sponsor, this can be a fellow employee, administrative assistant, or a director/dean.

Statement of Responsibility – Discusses the rights and privileges of accessing computer resources on the UAA campus.

Section 1 - Email Account Setup

Section 2 - Active Directory File Share Permissions
Section 3 - Phone Setup Information
Unified Messaging:
Section 4 - UAA Faculty/Staff Sponsor Information
Section 5 - Statement of Responsibility

I have read the above and agree to abide by its provisions. I understand that a violation of the provisions stated in the policy may cause suspension or revocation of network access and related privileges, and could lead to disciplinary action as specified in the UAA Catalog and UAA Student Handbook.