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Microsoft Lync

Lync is a powerful new set of communication and collaboration tools available to UAA and UAS, MAU faculty and staff. Lync integrates UAA's state-of-the-art Cisco Voice-over-IP infrastructure with Microsoft's Lync® technology. These tools will be extremely useful for on-the-go managers and administrators and will provide important new "telecommuting" services for faculty wishing to hold virtual office hours, teach online and maintain contact with their students.

Lync offers messaging, conferencing, sharing, and voice/video capabilities to keep you connected and collaborating with your colleagues or students while working on campus, traveling, or working from home.

  • Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence

    Instantly see who is available and start a secure IM session with one or more of your contacts. Unlike AOL, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger or other IM Clients Lync integrates with the UAA mail system and Microsoft Office.

  • Lync Meetings

    With Lync there is no need to contact IT support to create rich online meetings with audio, video, IM, and more. You can schedule virtual meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Lync Across Devices

    Use Lync on your home and work PC, Mac and mobile devices.

  • Connect to Skype

    Are you currently using Skype to connect with students, faculty or staff? Lync provides all of the conferencing features of Skype at no additional cost to your department. You can also connect directly to Skype users from Lync.

Transfer your UAA phone extension to Lync!

Lync can now act as a complete replacement for your phone.      

  • Voice calls

    Make and receive voice calls from your IP desk phone or from any location where you are signed into your Lync mobile or Lync Soft Client (PC/Mac).

  • Anywhere access

    Use Lync calling features from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device all without requiring a campus VPN connection.

  • Call handling

    Answer a call or have it forwarded to voice mail, a mobile phone, another PSTN number, or to a delegate assigned to answer calls.

  • Lync mobile clients

    Stay connected through instant messaging with rich presence information, join Lync Meetings with a single touch, and initiate and receive voice and video calls over the Internet and cellular connections. Lync mobile clients are available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android phones.

To transfer your UAA extension to Lync, contact the ITS Call Center. This service is currently available to the Anchorage and KPC campuses.