IT Services provides telephone infrastructure to the Anchorage campus. This page provides information about different phone services.


Students in Residence Halls

Students staying in the residence halls are provided Cisco phones. Students must provide their own long distance calling cards. Read the Phone FAQ for Student Dorms in the knowledge base.


Employee Desk Phones

Employees can have phones at their desks. Phones have an initial purchase price and a monthly charge. The prices change each year to reflect costs.


Employee Mobile Phones

UAA supports iPhones and Blackberry cellular devices. You can access email, contacts, and calendars. Read more in the employee mobile phones article in the knowledge base.


Employee Long Distance

There are two options for making long distance phone calls; Long distance access codes Departments or offices can request a long distance access code. Faculty and staff can also request an individual calling card. Charges are billed to a departments org/fund number. Visit the links below to find more information.

View your bill online Contact the call center to gain access.

Long Distance Codes for Departments and Employees

Long distance access codes (PIN numbers) are available to departments, faculty and staff. Codes only work from on-campus locations. Charges are billed to a department's org/fund number. Request a long distance access code online.

Long Distance Calling Cards for Employees

The University offers long distance calling cards for Faculty and Staff. These calling cards can be used anywhere in Alaska, the lower 48 and International. Request a long distance calling card online.


Employee & Department Phone directory

UAA maintains a printed phone directory that is delivered to departments and available online. Employees can make changes to their department's information or their professional information via the printed directory update form.