Computers have become important professionally and personally; academically and administratively. IT Services offers services to students, staff, and faculty including purchasing, service & repair, and computer labs.


Service and Repairs

IT Services offers installation, maintenance and repair for desktop and laptop systems, mobile devices and peripheral network equipment. Services are provided to UAA students, faculty, staff, and computer labs for both work and personal devices. IT Services is an Apple and Dell authorized service provider.

  • Labor is $85.00 per hour; one hour minimum
  • Materials are charged at cost
  • Password recovery is $35.00 per computer or the hourly rate for multiple workstations
  • Computers must meet the minimum system requirements

Personal Equipment

Customer's requesting work for their personal computers and other devices should bring their equipment to IT Services. Personal equipment is not eligible for onsite service or pickup.

Employee Equipment

Customer's requesting work that will be covered by a department at UAA should contact the IT Services Call Center. Work related devices are eligible for pickup or onsite service. Additionally, customers are welcome to bring their equipment to IT Services.


Computer Purchases

UAA utilizes the WSCA contract for purchasing Dell computer systems through Government Computer Sales (GCS). The agreement supports both institutional and personal computer equipment purchases. Apple computers can be purchased with academic discounts from the bookstore or directly from Apple.


IT Services recommends buying a warranty when you purchase your computer; especially laptops. Warranties allow for budget planning and avoiding unexpected costs. They assure the lifetime of your equipment.

  • Dell Warranties - All workstations purchased through the UAA/GCS/Dell e-commerce are configured with a four-year warranty on parts as standard. For servers, and other brands, a four-year warranty on parts is recommended.
  • Apple Warranties - Apple offers a standard one-year warranty. A three-year warranty on parts is recommended, and may be purchased as an upgrade.

Computer Labs

There many computer labs, and computer enabled classrooms across the Anchorage campus for use by students, staff, and faculty. These Computer Labs are operated under the control and management of their College, School, or Department. Additionally, IT Services maintains a number of open computer labs.

For full details about computer labs at UAA, see the Computer Labs information site



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