A Community Trial in Alaska to Prevent Youth's Use of Legal Products to Get High (2009-2014)

Knowlton Johnson, PhD, MSSW

David Driscoll, PhD, MPH, MA


This NIH/NIDA (Grant # 2 R01 DA015966-04 A2) study is an integrated community prevention model to combat inhalant use and related problems among pre- and early adolescents in four communities with varying proportions of Alaskan Natives (Yupik, Tlingit, and Inupiat), Caucasians, and other populations. This comprehensive model combines two intervention components: 1) community mobilization to prepare the community to implement inhalant-focused prevention strategies and 2) environmental strategies to decrease availability of inhalable products in commercial establishments and homes by engaging communities in actions to restrict youth access to legal products that are being inhaled by youth in the community and to substitute altered or non-solvent-based supplies that are alternatives to inhalable products. Specific components of the project include (a) developing and implementing a community-acceptable community inhalant prevention model, (b) assessing its implementation quality and factors associated with successful implementation, and (c) assessing changes in proximal outcomes believed to mediate intervention effects in inhalant use, and identifying factors that may explain proximal outcome changes.