GER Recommendations - 2010-2011 Catalog

Quick Tips:

Choose International Studies Faculty: To enrich your degree, choose International Studies faculty whenever possible.

Choose Courses that Double Count: Several courses that fulfill General Education Requirements (GER) and/or College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) requirements also fulfill International Studies degree requirements.

Look Forward in Your Planning: Freshmen and Sophomores can stay on track to declare the major by selecting the following recommended courses.

Recommended General Education (GER) and College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Courses:

GER Humanities: HIST A101 Western Civilization 1 and HIST A102 Western Civilization II.

GER Humanities and CAS Humanities Two-Semester Sequence: LANG 101, 102, 201, 202 (Select the language appropriate to your International Studies emphasis track. Begin taking your language classes as early as possible.)

GER Social Sciences: INTL/GEOG A101 Local Places/Global Regions

GER Social Sciences and CAS Social Science: PS A102 Introduction to Political Science

GER Social Science and Required Course for CAS Human Culture: ANTH A250 Rise of Civilization

GER Fine Arts: ART A262 History of Western Art II, or THR A312 Representative Plays II

GER Natural Science:  ENVI/GEOG A211 Earth Systems, ENVI/GEOG A211L Earth Systems Lab, LSIS A101 Discoveries in Science, LSIS A102 Origins: Earth-Solar Systems-Life, LSIS A201 Life on Earth, LSIS A202 Concepts and Processes: Natural Science are recommended.

CAS American Culture Requirement:  HIST A131 or A132 History of United States I or II (recommended for double majors or minors in History); PS A101 Introduction to American Government (recommended for double majors or minors in Political Science)

CAS Literature Requirement: ENGL A202 Masterpieces of World Literature II or ENGL A343 Modern & Contemporary Literature

CAS Ways of Knowing: PHIL A301 Ethics (recommended)

GER Capstone (Junior or Senior Year): GEOG A390A Topics in Global Geography, HIST A390A Themes in World History, or PHIL A400 Ethics, Community and Society (PHIL A301 is a pre-requisite)

*This list does not cover all GER and CAS Categories. For the complete list of categories refer to the UAA Catalog.