UAA Academic Petition

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Petitioning to Count Study Abroad Courses Toward the Major

Academic Petition:  Study Abroad must be petitioned to count toward specific International Studies degree requirements.  This includes all Study Abroad programming.  Please attach a syllabus to the academic petition.  In the case that your program does not provide a syllabus, you will want to save all documentation from the program (assignments, exams, etc.)  Academic petitions can be found on the UAA Registrar’s Web site under <UAA Forms>.


Preapproved International Studies Academic Petitions

Some topic or seminar courses must be petitioned to count toward specific degree requirements, as their content depends on the semester and instructor. Some courses can count toward College of Arts and Sciences requirements by petition. To help you, we have filled out the formal part of the petitions. Please print out the appropriate petition, fill in your personal information and sign and date the form, then turn in the petition at the International Studies office.

CAS Literature:

ENGL A202 Masterpieces of World Literature

ENGL A343 Modern & Contemporary Literature

International Studies Social Science:

EDFN A304 Comparative Education

International Studies Humanities and Fine Arts:

PHIL A313 Eastern Philosophy & Religion

PHIL A314 Western Religions

International Studies Capstone:

GEOG A390 Global Issues in Population & Migration