Courses: Planning Your Schedule

Freshmen and Sophomores
Most International Studies Core Courses are offered every semester.  Advising lists the recommended courses that fulfill both International Studies requirements as well as General Education and/or College of Arts and Sciences requirements. Students are advised to select General Education and College of Arts and Sciences courses taught by International Studies faculty.

Juniors and Seniors
The upper-division track courses (Russia, Northeast Asia, Europe and Canada) are offered on a rotating basis. Course offerings that count toward the degree will be posted prior to the opening of registration. See the link below for upcoming course offerings.

Capstone Requirement: The International Studies Capstone courses (GEOG A390, HIST A390 and PHIL A400) also fulfill the GER Capstone requirement.  The topic of these courses will vary from semester to semester.  See the links below for upcoming course offerings.

International Studies Degree Courses:

Fall 2012 Courses

Spring 2013 Courses


Required Courses: Preview of Offerings

International Studies: Capstone Courses

Fall 2013
Themes in World History

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