Russia Track
Onion DomeRussia encompasses the east and west, Europe and Asia, and provides an important focal point to International Studies. It has some of the most dramatic landscapes, fascinating historical personalities, and cultural treasures. Whether it is the Romanovs, revolutionaries, Pushkin, or Siberian tigers--Russia excites the imagination and spins tales of drama and adventure. Throughout the centuries, Alaska has been closely connected to the Russian Far East, making UAA the ideal gateway to the study of this critical part of the world.

Scholarship information:  UAA Kibrik & Bergelson Study or Research in Russian Scholarship


Dr. Elizabeth Dennison, Professor, History, 786-1621


Northeast Asia Track
The Northeast Asia region is of growing strategic importance to America and Alaska in terms of trade, defense, resources, and regional cooperation on the environment. Japan, South Korea, and China are Alaska's three major trading partners, and they are increasingly important contributors to global culture. Several UAA programs have partnerships with universities in these countries in disciplines ranging from language and culture to social work and engineering. These places are not exotic far off countries, they are Alaska’s neighbors and friends.

Dr. Paul Dunscomb, Associate Professor, History, 786-1728
Dr. Hiroko Harada, Professor and Coordinator, Japanese, 786-4038

Canada Track
QuebecCanada is America’s #1 trading partner, most important source of imported energy, and closest ally. Yet, what do most Americans know about Canada? Students in the Canada track will explore issues of national identity, language politics, first nations, and multiculturalism. They will observe the fascinating and shifting landscape of Canadian politics, and they will question the complex relationship between Canada and the U.S. The Canadian Consulate in Anchorage and other Anchorage-based Canadian organizations contribute to the vitality of UAA’s program and offer students firsthand exchange with our Canadian neighbors.

Scholarship information:  UAA Elizabeth Tower Endowment for Canadian Studies: Study in Canada Scholarship
Study in Canada Scholarship for American Undergraduates

Dr. Sudarsan Rangarajan, AssociateProfessor and Coordinator French, 786-4061
Dr. Dorn Van Dommelen, Professor and Chair, Geography, 786-1765

Europe Track
GermanyCome explore a Europe that still matters. From its history of war and revolution, to its cultures of diversity and tradition, Europe maintains a central role in the global context. Who could have imagined the European Union--27 countries sharing a common currency and exercising global economic might? Students in the Europe Track will explore the complexities and wonders of Europe through study of its languages, history, politics, economics, geography and culture. Europe awaits you!

Dr. Natasa Masanovic, Associate Professor and Coordinator German, 786-4032
Dr. William Myers Associate Professor History, 786-1948