Note: Courses which may be used to meet GER and/or CAS BA requirements are designated by an asterisk (*) after their numbers. Courses in the GER lists for Tier 2 social sciences and humanities requirements may be used to fulfill both International Studies requirements and GER Tier 2 requirements in social sciences and humanities.

Note: Topics, selected topics, studies in, and senior seminar courses, i.e., courses with changing topics and content and approved for a particular semester, are posted on the International Studies Website under <Courses and Registration.>


Complete 18 credits of required core courses                                         18

Introductory Survey                                                                         3
(May be used to fulfill both an International Studies degree requirement and the Tier 2 GER social sciences requirement

GEOG/INTL A101* Local Places/Global Regions:
An Introduction to Geography (3)

Social Sciences Selection (Choose two)                                           6
(Courses below that are also listed in the list for Tier 2 GER social sciences may be used to fulfill both an International Studies degree requirement and the Tier 2 GER social sciences requirement.)

ANTH A250* The Rise of Civilization (3)
EDFN A304* Comparative Education (3)
JUST A365 Comparative Justice System (3)
PS A102* Introduction to Political Science (3)
PS A301
Comparative Political Economy (3)
PS A321 International Relations (3)

Humanities and Fine Arts Selection (Choose two)                          6

ART A262* History of Western Art II (3)
ENGL A202* Masterpieces of World Literature II (3)
ENGL A343 Modern & Contemporary Literature (3)
PHIL A212* History of Philosophy II (3)
PHIL A313*
Eastern Philosophy & Religion (3)
PHIL A314*
Western Religions (3)
THR A312* Representative Plays II (3)

Capstone Course Selection  (Choose One)                                        3

Topics in Global Geography (3)
Themes in World History (3)
Ethics, Community, and Society (3)

Complete four semesters of a single college-level language appropriate to track
(101-102, 201-202, or higher)                                                                         16

Complete 12 credits as specified in one of the tracks below:                   12

  • Regional Studies Track
  • Applied Global Studies
A total of 120 credits is required for the degree, of which 42 credits must be upper division, and 46 credits must be earned to meet the requirements of the major as specified above.