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Although many reports have been produced in the same way for years, some report structures, formats and definitions may have changed over time. If you have questions about any IR reports, or need a report that is not online, call us at 786-1493.

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The final editions of the Campus Report and Trendbook are available under Publications.


Headcount Reports

Annual Closing Headcount Report 07-08 (This report is now included in the Fact Book as Students Table 1.09)

Fall Headcount

Extensive reports break down headcount by major, award type, campus, ethnicity, gender, student level & other characteristics. Five years of data.

Fall 2004-2008
Fall 2001-2007

Spring/Summer Headcount

Open/Close Credit Headcount by Campus/Term
(includes 10-year headcount trend)

Spring 2008
Summer 2008
Summer 2007


Student Information Reports

Note: Not available for every term.

Semester Opening

Semester Closing


Student Profiles    (Top)


UAA Undergraduates
UAA Graduate Students

UAA Undergraduates by Campus:


Workload Statistics    (Top)

Curriculum and Faculty Workload Statistics were formatted differently prior to 2008. Below you can select Regular, Adjunct, or All Faculty (by Course Level), for each campus individually or UAA as a whole. Individual campus reports show data by discipline.

2003-2007 to 1999-2003
UAA Total

Anchorage Campus

Other Campuses
(listed individually)