Erin Holmes

Associate Vice Provost
Phone:  907.786.1544

Erin is responsible for the operations and administration of the Office of Institutional Research at UAA.  Erin also works on in-depth research projects involving a variety of subjects important to UAA.  When not at work, Erin enjoys spending time with her family (including her canines), paper crafting, crocheting, and travelling.

Yuan-Fang Dong

Senior Research Associate
Phone:  907.786.4614

Yuan's primary focus is on finance and grants reporting and analysis.  Her other duties include research analysis and modeling in human resources and graduation areas.  Yuan also enjoys coaching programs in SAS/Toad for non-techies (when she wasn't totally drowning).  A hobby outside her work is travelling.

Brian Brubaker

Research Associate
Phone:  907.786.4875

Brian works on curriculum, HR issues, database extracts and transforms, and dynamic reports.  He is available for ad hoc requests.  Brian joined the UAA Office of Institutional Research in 2013.  Previously, Brian worked for the UAA College of Education and helped with their 2010 NCATE Accreditation.  He received the UA Make Students Count Award in 2004.  He enjoys traveling, photography and collecting Fur Rondy pins.   

Ginger Mongeau

Research Associate
Phone:  907.786.6544

Ginger is primarily responsible for the routine reporting of UAA enrollments and the Student Progress Model.  Ginger will be working to develop student retention and graduation modeling.  She is also available for ad hoc requests.  When not crunching numbers, Ginger enjoys biking, fishing, reading, cooking, quilting, and spending time with family and friends.

Joseph Paquette

Research Associate
Phone:  907.786.6372

Joe is the newest member of the IR team, July 2014.  He is primarily responsible for internal and external surveys, mainly U.S. News and World Report, as well as the Common Data Set, and maintaining the IR website.  Joe is also responsible for assisting Ginger with the reporting and analysis of Student Admissions, reporting on and assisting Yuan with the analysis pertaining to the Fact Book, assisting Erin with the analysis and modeling of IPEDS data, and assisting Erin and Ginger with all aspects of Accreditation.  When he is not data mining for UAA, Joe enjoys spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors of the "Last Frontier" – camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, off-roading, and becoming an amateur nature and wildlife photographer.

Ester Bayne

Research Assistant
Phone:  907.786.1493


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