Faculty Training Opportunities: Spring 2014

Across Alaska and among U.S. college students, suicide is a serious concern. Mental health problems increase suicide risk and are associated with diminished academic performance, problematic classroom behaviors, and lack of career decision-making skills. At UAA, research shows 22% of students have considered suicide at some point in their lives with 6% reporting serious suicidal ideation during the past year (NCHA, 2009). It is not uncommon for faculty members to feel helpless, worried, or frustrated with a student contemplating suicide. Although 40% of UAA faculty have been concerned about a student at risk for suicide, less than one fourth are confident in knowing how to recognize this risk and respond appropriately (CBHRS, 2011).

The UAA Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative, led by the Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services, invites faculty members to participate in suicide prevention efforts at UAA. This workshop will discuss verbal and behavioral clues associated with suicide risk among college students, offer ideas on how to encourage help-seeking, and provide information about campus and community support services.

Light refreshments will be served.

Workshops are being offered on the following dates:

Wednesday, January 29      12:00-1:00       LIB 304

Thursday, February 20        11:00-12:00     LIB 304

Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services (CBHRS). (2011). Suicide prevention, knowledge, attitudes andbehaviors of faculty and students at the University of Alaska Anchorage(State of Alaska Youth Suicide Prevention Program Report No. 3). Anchorage, AK: Author.