Department of Journalism and Public Communications

University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive, PSB 203
Anchorage, AK   99508

Phone:  (907) 786-4180
Fax:  (907) 786-4179

Atwood Chair

Mark Trahant
Atwood Chair

Office: PSB 106B
(907) 786-6082



Elizabeth Arnold
Assistant Professor

Office: PSB 203 F
(907) 786-4186

Paola Banchero
Associate Professor, Department Chair

Office: PSB 203 E
(907) 786-4194

Edgar Blatchford
Associate Professor

Office: PSB 203 H
(907) 786-4188

Mark C. Bruner
Term Instructor

Office: PSB 155
(907) 786-4350

Jo Gottschalk
Term Instructor

Office: PSB 155
(907) 786-4950

Barbara Harville, Ph.D.

Online courses only; contact via e-mail

Steve Johnson
Associate Professor, Director of Seawolf Debate

Office: ADM 252
(907) 786-4391

Doug Kelly, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Office:  PSB 203D
(907) 786-4185

Joy Chavez Mapaye, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Office: PSB 203 I
(907) 786-4195

Ron McGee
Associate Professor

Office: PSB 203G
(907) 786-4184

Marsha Schirack Olson
Term Instructor

Office: ADM 265
(907) 786-4398

Doug J. Parry, Ph.D.

Office: ADM 267


Michelle Scaman
Term Instructor

Office: ADM 263
(907) 786-1024

Marcia Stratton, Ph.D.

Office: SSB 354
(907) 786-4392

Shawnalee Whitney
Associate Professor

Office: ADM 269
(907) 786-4393



This department is served by Journalism Media Technician and Broadcast Professional Sam Zeller, and the administrative team for the Humanities Division, most of whom are housed in the English suite:

Sam Zeller
Broadcast Professional and Media Technician
Office: PSB 203B
Phone: 786-6487

Erin Day
Academic Advisor

Office: ADM 101-R
Phone: 786-1357

Brenda Henderson
Student Support and Graduate Affairs
Office: ADM 101
Phone: 786-4355

Christina Talbott-Clark
Social Media and Satellite Office Support
Office: ADM 147J
Phone: 786-4182




Ronnie Arnett

Shawn Briscoe

Carey Fink

Christine Lidren

John McKay

Bryan Meshke

Lisa Mounds-Craft

Solveig Pedersen

Aili Peyton

Gina Romero

Pik-ha Soo

Patricia Steen

Pat Yack